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Our goal is to make your experience as convenient, painless and hassle-free as possible. We meet your expectations by streamlining the repair process, working directly with your insurance company and coordinating a rental car right on-site.

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality

Painting & Refreshing

When’s the last time you gave your car a second look? Or ran your fingers along the hood? It’s time you fell back in love with your car again. Let us transform your weathered wagon with a new coat of paint, and soon you’ll be driving the car you always wanted, again.

Collision Repair

Accidents happen! But, Welder’s expertly trained technicians can repair your dents, dings and accidental damage to get you back on the road and on to your next adventure. We guarantee our auto body repair work and with over 100’s local cars serviced annually, our results speak for themselves.

Dent & Scratch Removal

Car scratches and dents can be incredibly frustrating,  and also hard to ignore.  It’s time to give your car a revamp. Let us remove those pesky dents and scratches – at affordable prices and  quality that stands out. There is no reason not to.

OTHER SERVICES PROVIDEDthere is always one that fits you

Tow Services

Car need a lift? No worries. Our  towing services are available to help no matter the situation. And because our partners offer our customers top priority, we can often respond immediately. We’ll even tow your vehicle to the  location of your choice.

Fleet & Industrial

Welder’s fleet services cater to a range of business fleets, both large and small, including car rental and leasing companies, government and municipal agencies, telecommunications providers, food and beverage companies, manufacturers and corporations, national DRP insurance companies, and more. So no matter what the size of your fleet, or your business, Welder’s has the fleet service for you.

Auto Glass Repair

When it comes to auto glass repair, the choice is as clear. Welder’s can quickly replace entire windshields and other panels as well as fill in chips to prevent them from spreading. Simply call our Customer  (650) 589-0373 to schedule an appointment at any  convenient time or set up an appointment online.

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